Match Details
Round Round 17
Opposition Royal Nomads
Date 10-Feb-2018
Ground North Ryde Oval

Match Summary
Result LOSS on 1st innings by 39 runs
Royal Nomads 1st innings all out, 118 runs
Kurrajong Gypsies 1st innings all out, 80 runs

Match Report
Gypsies take it to the top of the table Royal Nomads.

The Nomads are on top of the table with just 1 loss after 16 rounds. We have played them just once before in the infamous game where we had a pitch invasion by the Morrison Bay Trollope.

The Gypsies are the Nomads bogey side. In the last game we restricted them to 138 their lowest total for the season (138).

Today we did it again, after some fine bowling from Hugh 4/24, Chopper 3/32 and V 1/17. Ousting the Nomads for 118. Only the 2nd time this season they have been all out.

If we had taken a couple of more catches it could have been better.

The 2 highlight catches were by Lindsay. The first popped up in the air and was going straight down his throat at mid-wicket. Kenny deciding to be a bit sporting thought he’d add to the difficulty by crash tackling Lindsay at the point of him taking the catch. An exciting moment when both players were sprawled on the ground and a hand holding the ball rose from the entwined bodies.

The second ‘catch’ again was a dolly to mid-wicket . Lindsay this time thought he’d be sporting and dropped it before firing the ball into Hugh and running the guy out.

The Gypsies then replied with the bat. I can tell you by the intensity of the Nomads in the field they were never comfortable and were not amused by the situation they were in.

The opening bowlers were fired up especially McKechnie who batted for 53 NO and bowled 7 overs straight finishing 4/5











The bottom 3 wickets putting on more than the top 7.

The best performers Daryl 17, Chopper 13, Fozzie 15, Fergus on debut 15.

A loss but like last week when we only went down with 6 balls to go, a very good showing against the top of the table team.

Hugh with 4/24 following on from last week’s great effort cleaned up with the date votes.

Royal Nomads 1st innings
Singh, Varinder 7 overs, 1 for 17
Shanahan, Jim 7 overs, 3 for 32
Ross, Hugh 7 overs, 4 for 24
Bradley, Steve 3 overs, 0 for 22
Tan, Daryl 4 overs, 1 for 21
Gilroy, Rodney 1 overs, 0 for 0
Kurrajong Gypsies 1st innings
Biboudis, John 1
Bradley, Steve 9
Singh, Varinder 0
Tan, Daryl 17
Gilroy, Rodney 0
Shanahan, Jim 13
Ross, Hugh 1
Kencalo, Paul 1
Foster, Paul 15
Taylor, Fergus 15
Cohen, Lindsay 1*