Match Details
Round Round 16
Opposition India Avenue Sports Club 3
Date 3-Feb-2018
Ground North Ryde Oval

Match Summary
Result LOSS on 1st innings by 2 wickets
Kurrajong Gypsies 1st innings 9 wickets, 134 runs
India Avenue Sports Club 3 1st innings 9 wickets, 138 runs

Match Report
Congratulations to Chopper on his 100th cap for the Gypsies. V bowled his 1,000th over for the Gypsies.

A change from the usual form of the Gypsies where we start a fight as soon as the game gets under way, this time we started the fight before the toss. With ducks swimming in a pond at one end of the pitch the Gypsies decided the ground was unplayable and the IASC who had seen the Gypsies recent form were very keen to get a game in. In the end the ground was considered unfit for play but we found the small ground across the road suitable for play.

Chopper lost the toss and we were sent in on a small ground. It looked to me, standing at long on, that when keeping to V Daryl was over the boundary rope. It was going to be a game filled with 6s. Some good bowling by the IASC saw us just 53 at drinks but with no wickets lost. V was pacing along the boundary salivating at the size of the ground. Jordan went for 31 to what can only be described as freakish catch.

V moved quickly to 26 before a missed timed shot saw him back in the pavilion with just the 1 six to his name. Now it was time for the middle order of Daryl, Cilla, Jeffrey and Chopper to cash in on an excellent position they were presented with and they responded with 0,1,0,5.

Hugh Ross champion of the day went out and kept the innings together with an unbeaten 20 and looked like a real cricketer. Lindsay given out in a controversial decision. Did the ball take the outside edge of the bat and caught or did the keeper stump him? A few moments of reflection and the square leg umpire gave him out ‘bowled’.

What happened next can only be described as the miracle of Monash 2. With just a couple of overs to go Kimba comes to the crease. He faces the first ball and it’s in the block hole and he keeps it out, he’s never done that before. A repeat on the 2nd ball and on the third ball was pitched the same, of course by this stage Kimba had his eye in and kept it out as well. Hugh and the whole bench, who seemed to have no faith in Kimba, where just begging him to somehow get to the non-strikers end. This plan worked pretty well with the help of a single off Kimba’s bat and again with a bye farming the strike to Hugh. Though it should be pointed out in a partnership of 15 it was, Kimba (5), Hugh (5) and Byes (5) there was no senior partner. But singles and byes can only keep a batsman happy for so long, and Kimba is now a batsman, gently knocks one over the head of square leg and to the boundary, the longest boundary. Kimba is still upset with the umpire who ruled a fine inside edge which went between the legs of both Kimba and the keeper to the boundary was give as byes. However it all came to an end on the penultimate ball of the innings when he went down swinging.

All out for 134 on a small ground with just 11 fours and 3 sixes. Not the score we were hoping for. I blame it all on the middle order, between the 4 of them they could only score as many as Kimba on his own. Shame middle order, shame!

At drinks in the 2nd inning IASC were in worse shape than we were at drinks. The game is not over just yet. Wickets falling steadily and Hugh was on a mission racing through his overs so he could leave and get to the T20 at the SCG. We should rush him more often as he finished with 1/19 off 7 overs.

Cilla got himself in the game throwing sledges, the most memorable was when a batsman played and missed against Chopper and Cilla calls out “Now ask him about his mother”. The next ball went for 6 and the entire Gypsies team asked Cilla to shut up. He was fined at the after match function for the most ineffectual sledge of the day.

Daryl chipped in with 2 wickets on successive balls putting him on a hattrick. On his hattrick ball he gets an outside edge and…. Bobo drops it. Daryl was distressed to say the least. There was a spirited defence by Bobo claiming there was no edge. At the post match function it was put on the esky as somebody had to be fined. Daryl for not making the batsman play at it or Bobo for the drop. Bobo lost.

With 3 overs to go IASC were 8 down and needing 12 runs for the win. Utrega at the crease is the current leader for the IWHCA C grade duck tie. A genuine edge through 1st slip off V in the third last over by Utrega was cruel and then he did it again off Chopper the next over. IASC got up with 6 balls left in the match.

A most enjoyable game and the Gypsies were invited by IASC to join them at the BBQ.

Kurrajong Gypsies 1st innings
Michas, Jordan 31
Biboudis, John 22
Singh, Varinder 26
Tan, Daryl 0
Bradley, Steve 1
Badrous, Jeffrey 0
Shanahan, Jim 5
Ross, Hugh 20*
Cohen, Lindsay 3
Casey, Glenn 5
Badrous, George 1*
India Avenue Sports Club 3 1st innings
Singh, Varinder 7 overs, 2 for 18
Shanahan, Jim 6 overs, 1 for 34
Ross, Hugh 7 overs, 1 for 19
Badrous, Jeffrey 5 overs, 0 for 25
Tan, Daryl 7 overs, 3 for 23
Michas, Jordan 2 overs, 1 for 12