Match Details
Round Round 8
Opposition Royal Nomads
Date 11-Nov-2017
Ground Morrison Bay Park 7

Match Summary
Result LOSS on 1st innings by 8 runs
Royal Nomads 1st innings 8 wickets, 138 runs
Kurrajong Gypsies 1st innings 7 wickets, 130 runs

Match Report
Despite the intervention of the Landed Gentry, the Gypsies restricted fellow migratory peasant stock, Royal Nomads, to their lowest score of the season (3/138 cc), setting up a comfortable run chase for victory. With Matt Gerber, Kitty and V leading the way, the Gypsies easily denied Royals the comfortable win they thought they would have.

Highlights of the day were Jeff Badrous capturing his first Gypsy wicket (6/0/1/39) on his 13th birthday, Matt Gerber hitting the ball further off the ground than he is to go over the inner ring and the Gypsies untroubled to finish at 7/130.

Royal Nomads 1st innings
Shanahan, Jim 7 overs, 1 for 13
Singh, Varinder 7 overs, 1 for 12
Masters, Tony 7 overs, 4 for 31
Badrous, Jeffrey 6 overs, 1 for 39
Ross, Hugh 4 overs, 0 for 19
Tan, Daryl 4 overs, 1 for 20
Kurrajong Gypsies 1st innings
Biboudis, John 13
Gerber, Matt 31
Singh, Varinder 20
Bradley, Steve 4
Tan, Daryl 22*
Gray, James 6
Ross, Hugh 5
Shanahan, Jim 3*
Fenton-Smith, Will 20