Match Details
Round Round 6
Opposition Concord Briars 4
Date 28-Oct-2017
Ground North Ryde Oval

Match Summary
Result LOSS on 1st innings by 161 runs
Concord Briars 4 1st innings 8 wickets, 286 runs
Kurrajong Gypsies 1st innings all out, 125 runs

Match Report
We went to battle with our sworn foe after finishing 1 game apiece last year and the honours shared. These games are less about cricket and more a battle for the hearts and minds of the youth of Concord. The production line for the future of Gypsy (and Australian) cricket is threatened whenever another junior commits to the dark side and joins the Briars.

A catastrophic injury toll left only 7 regular Gypsies available and the selectors again played second fiddle to a miasma of pitiful excuses and general dementia. Kimba in a cunning move chose to use the Briars junior squad against their own club. 3 junior players and 2 of their fathers turned out for the Gypsies plus 1 Indian import, just 2 games between the 6 of them.

Chopper failed to win the toss for 2 weeks running, apparently tails does fail.

The day started in the usual fashion - V and Chopper coming in off the long run and V taking out the two openers (including their captain) finishing 2 for 36. Young Jordan at just 14 took a good catch, it’s easy for these young fellas, they don’t have decades of memories of drops to haunt them. Or myopia and glaucoma. Or gout, gingivitis, hernia, osteo-arthritis, baldness and anxiety. Briars player Claus seemed to have found favour with the captain (his son) and came in at 4. Which prompted Kimba to retort “Knock him over Chopper, he’s not even the best batsman in his family” Claus took that badly and decided he’d show how good he was and finished his day 2 balls later, caught Hollywood, bowled Chopper for 0. The confidence of the captain was not well founded. 3 for 37 and the Gypsies are in this. I probably don’t need to mention the Hollywood catch because even the Gypsies watching the Baa Baas at Alliance stadium would have heard the call of ‘mine’ – even through the mouthguard.

Then in what was truly a great bowling spell of 3 overs 1/9 by Luke who took his first wicket for the Gypsies, leaving the Briars reeling at 5 for 46 in the 13th over.

Unfortunately, things went a little south for the Gypsies after that, with the father and son combination of Matt and Ashton putting on 110 for their next wicket before the father fell for 65. It was a record-breaking partnership for all the wrong reasons for Fozzie, Nb-6-4-6-6-6-6 (35) setting a new milestone for the most expensive Gypsy over ever, including a ball lost down the drain. Congratulations Fozzie on not just beating, but smashing the previous record of 24. He has promised to get into the nets – perhaps to focus on his batting!

Best bowler during this period was another youngster Jordan who kept the lid on the 2 batsmen, 1/25 (4) slowed them right down. And his wicket coming off a spectacular catch to Luke which we haven’t seen the likes of since Luke’s catch in round 4. Jordan should have had better figures with 2 drops in 3 balls by players who would normally swallow those up. The only 2 bowlers not to go for a 13+ plus where the youngsters Luke and Jordan - UNDER BOWLED!

Letting 5/46 become 8/286 is only something the Gypsies are capable of doing, and we did it beautifully here.

What strong line up we had in the batting department. Biboudis opened with Michas Snr (Spiro), who was on debut and hadn’t batted since High School. He posted a credible 21. After 17 overs the Gypsies were equal to the Briars score at the same point in the match and had lost 2 less wickets. A victory was looking likely. Bobo was holding up an end until he thought he was a 14 years old, like the batsmen at the other end, and went for a 3rd run to the ‘safe’ end. But, like a Kevin Spacey party, there is no safe end and a direct hit saw him off. Luke looked set for a big one before getting out to a catch the equal of his in the 1st innings falling for 8 which is the best underage batting performance since Thomas Colman in the 3rd round. Perhaps another new award is on the cards for Date Night, if we ever have it.

In a repeat of Undie-gate of 2016/2017 our new Indian import showed up without undies to hold his box in place. Surprisingly - from a hygiene point of view, he accepted a loan pair from another player. Unfortunately he looks likely to join the rare club of Gypsies with a duck in their sole innings for the club unless the Property Steward extends his visa. Chopper then decided he’d teach the young fellas how to run Gypsy style and called “Yes…. NOOOOOOOO!” leaving Michas the younger stranded in the middle of the pitch and out for 3. Finally, we had an elder show he is the best batsman in his family with Spiro outscoring his son Jordan. It was left to George and Hollywood to resurrect the innings and raise the run rate to the required 25 per over with big swings and stylish batting, they managed the big swings but not the stylish batting and only managed to mishit the balls to close in fielders. Masters returned to the pavilion a loser, but secure in the knowledge he now leads the race for the Duck tie.

Done over for 125.

To add insult to injury we had mass pub avoidance, mainly due to the kids not being keen to produce their fake IDs with their Dads present. A sad day for the Gypsies a great day for the CFO. In the greatest of all ironies, the old men came through unscathed and one of the youngsters tore a hammy.


• Biggest One Day loss by runs

• Most expensive over by a Gypsy Nb-6-4-6-6-6-6 (35) and a lost ball

• Most 6s from our bowling in an innings (13)

• 3 players under 14

• Youngest torn hamstring

• 6th highest run rate conceded

• A player’s mum attended

• 2 father/son combinations for the Gypsies and for the Briars 4 father/son combinations + 2 brothers

• 4 Gypsy players on debut

• Record for biggest differential between oldest and youngest. (54yrs)

Concord Briars 4 1st innings
Singh, Varinder 7 overs, 2 for 37
Shanahan, Jim 7 overs, 2 for 47
Bathurst, Anthony 2 overs, 0 for 17
Verma, Sachin 6 overs, 1 for 55
Foster, Paul 2 overs, 0 for 48
Opacic, Luke 3 overs, 1 for 9
Masters, Tony 4 overs, 1 for 32
Michas, Jordan 4 overs, 1 for 25
Kurrajong Gypsies 1st innings
Biboudis, John 31
Michas, Spiro 21
Singh, Varinder 27
Bathurst, Anthony 2
Foster, Paul 2
Opacic, Luke 8
Shanahan, Jim 18*
Verma, Sachin 0
Michas, Jordan 3
Masters, Tony 0
Badrous, George 0